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Social Media

Social Media

As a Painting and Remodeling business owner, you’re likely aware of the benefits of having an active social media presence. When your customers need your services, they’ll likely check Google first, but a lot of the time, they will scan your social media next.

Social Media is essential to building your brand and reaching your target audience. We focus on the main networks that will help drive your success while providing important information regarding your services to current customers. Having an online voice can help build a community of loyal customers, and offer a warm welcome to potential ones.

Posting on your FB pages can be extremely effective in building your business.  You need to post regularly on your page.  But, what are you supposed to post?  Your FB page is supposed to be how you communicate with your followers.  Post everything you do in your business.  Pictures/videos of you and your team, pictures of the work you have done, info and tips for your audience, and any promotions or sales you are running.  FB posting is a fast and easy way to engage with your audience. 

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The best way to begin your Residential marketing on social media is to simply begin posting pictures of what you and your team are doing from day to day.  Showing your prospects that your business is getting jobs and completing those jobs is a great way to build rapport with your audience.  You need to update your facebook profile with current website, business hours, phone numbers, etc.  Then begin posting pictures, videos, advice, tips, and team pictures to engage with your audience. 

Social media posting will be a great way to engage with your audience and start geting more jobs!

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