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So, you are asking yourself, how to market my painting business?  Advertise online.  At Painter Marketing Crew, we specialize in using your ad budget to its fullest potential when advertising online. A good, targeted online advertising strategy is the key to your Residential painting business marketing in the coming year. So, How do you use pay per click in the competitive Residential marketing world?

PPC and Residential marketing have a few different steps. First, you need to understand what you are selling. What services do you want to push for your Residential business? Exterior painting? Interior remodeling? When coming up with painting marketing ideas, you need to focus on a specific service to attract your ideal prospect. Think about it, every other Residential company advertises broadly. You need to get specific to reach your ideal client.  Facebook and Google ads are a great way to show your work to prospects. To figure out the question, “how to market my painting business”, get in front of your prospects through advertising your painting business through Pay Per Click advertising. 

When using Facebook ads to figure out how to market your painting business, you can show prospects pictures and videos of your business.  Facebook is also great for detailed targeting.  You can target homeowners, those who have recently moved, or anyone of a certain age in one area.  There are many benefits to advertising on facebook. We will run and manage all of it for you and your painting business. 

Pay Per Click is great but we have to look at both sides.  When figuring out how to market your painting business, there are positives and negatives to PPC.  The positives are that PPC allows for fast results, the use of pictures/videos, and being able to change your budget.  With PPC you can see results in just a few days.  Now, it does take a while to get the hang of things but you can see results rather quickly.  PPC, depending on what platform you use, allows for the use of pictures and videos.  Videos and pictures allow for greater interaction with your ads.  With PPC you can spend as much or as little as you want. 

The negative of PPC are that it takes some knowledge to build and manage ads.  It does take time and effort as well as your ads budget.

How to Market My Painting Business Through PPC

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How to Market My Painting Business Through PPC

Remember, our question is “How to market my painting business.” Next, figure out where your clients go online.  Do they use Facebook?  Instagram? Google? Once you have figured this out, you need to go to where they are to do your Residential advertising.  Show your ads to the prospects that are most likely to buy, and your conversion rate will be much higher.  

Finally, you need to track all of your Painting PPC marketing.  If you are going to put an ad out and just hope for the best, you may as well just put an ad on the radio or Yellow Pages and go on as usual.  Tracking is the best and most valuable part of online Residential marketing.  Tracking shows you exactly where your Residential marketing is hitting and where it is not.  

One thing that we like to focus on for our clients is call tracking.  We use a system called Call Tracking Metrics.  With this tool our marketing is taken to the next level.  We can see exactly where your leads are coming from.  We can see who calls your business and where they came from.  If we see that a call was made from your ads,  we will know that the ads are affective. 

We set up your Facebook ads campaign and google ad words campaigns to get the marketing for your Residential business up and running.  We will also set up complete tracking to see where and how your leads are coming in.  We want to take a high level approach to your advertising.  Let’s talk about it.  Schedule your strategy session now.Again, Our Question aasdf

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