Painter Trade Shows

As a painting business owner, you more than likely know that they are a great way to bring in new jobs.  There are trade/housing shows all over the country for you to get in front of buyers.  That is great to know, but What kind of information do you need to include to get those jobs?  Give useful information/resources, have an attention grabbing booth, and get in front of of the painter trade show attendees.

Free resources are a great way to connect with prospects at these trade shows.  To use trade shows to get more painting leads,  you need to give out useful information and resources.  Think about what these people are doing at these painting trade shows.  Why would they come to see these different businesses? You should not just give these painting trade show attendees free junk.  Give them something like a free brush that you would recommend for interior use.  Or give them a guide to on how to paint the trim in their house.  It may seem like a waste to give out free info instead of having them straight up hire you.  But you have to keep in mind, you are at a painting trade show.  The attendees are there to get information.  If you give them useful info, you will come up in their minds when they need you.

The painting trade show will be filled with different businesses.  You have to be sure the attendees of the trade show see you and are drawn to your booth.  Make sure that you are showing your value to the trade show.  Trade show attendees will be bombarded by different  businesses for different reasons.  You cant just sit back and wait on people to come to you .  You have to be up and active at these painting trade shows.  Be up and give them your free resources and introduce yourself.  You will definitely be able to gain some new prospects when you implement these strategies.  Painter trade shows can be a great way to show your value to others and ultimately grow and prosper.

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