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Marketing for Painters in North Carolina

How to Market your Painting Business in North Carolina

In marketing for Painters in North Carolina, you need to get creative with your local area.  To help generate leads for your painting business in North Carolina, you can run offers for things going on in the state.  North Carolina is renowned for the Appalachian Mountains. You can use this in your marketing. You can create Facebook posts based on that uniqueness. When the snow is getting ready to fall in the mountains you could post about your work ethic and how you are still ready to go in the snow.  You could also post about exciting local things on your facebook page, to get more involved with the community.  You can get creative with your digital marketing for your area to generate leads.

The marketing for your site is going to be slightly different depending on your location.  Marketing your painting business through SEO, pay per click, and social media could change in the state that you are in.  In North Carolina, your painting business may go through a slow period due to the seasons.  What do you do in this situation? 

In North Carolina, the best thing to do during the down time you have is market your business to prepare for the busy seasons.  I know that might be shocking coming from a digital marketing agency, but it is true.  As a painter in North Carolina you need to be running ads, posting on your social media page, and run improve your sites rankings on google.  Why is this important for your painting business in North Carolina?  This will keep your business fresh in your prospects minds.  They might not be ready to buy at the moment, but when they are ready, you are who they will go to.

As you know, it can really hot in the state of North Carolina during the summer time.  You can use this by running ads to offer to do the painting for your prospects.  For example, “Don’t want to repaint your house in the North Carolina heat?  We will do it for you!”.  Ideas like that are a good way to use your geography to your advantage in your business.  See Painter marketing in North Carolina isn’t that hard!

When marketing your painting business in North Carolina the best thing to do is stay fresh in your prospects minds.  Another option offering discounted specials for the offseason.  A facebook post could go something like this, “Winter is right around the corner, and we are launching our yearly winter sale.  All interior paintings are now 20% off.” This could be something you run for your prospects in the off season.  Another thing you can do Is run ads specifically for the springtime.  Create ads that are focussed around that time period.  An example could be, “Ready for spring?  So are we!  When you are already to start your spring cleaning list, let us do the repainting.”  This would be something to get in front of the prospect in order to stay relevant to your prospects.  Running ads, posting, and any other kind of outreach will benefit your painting business in North Carolina.

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