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Our Strategy

Painter Marketing through SEO, website building, Pay Per Click, Tracking, and social media management services in our marketing strategy. Our strategy is to bring as many eyeballs to your site as possible.  Learn more about what we do for painters.


SEO for Painters

 The foundation of your online strategy should be through SEO.  SEO for painters is a long-term solution to building your online presence. We specialize in SEO through Google Maps and your Google Business Profile. is a method of website manipulation to rank higher on google.  It is an organic way to bring in more traffic to your site. Learn more here.


PPC for Painters

While SEO is a long-term solution for getting results online, PPC or Pay Per Click is a faster process to get quick wins for your painting business.  Facebook ads are an incredible way to bring in new clients from your area. learn more about how we can do this for your business. 

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Brooks Burnette

CEO of Painter & Remodeling SEO

As a digital marketer for Remdleing professionals and painters, my goal is to bring as much awareness to your business as possible. I want to provide proven strategies and data tracking to bring your painting business top notch results. My goal is to take care of your online marketing your painting business so you can work on running a company. We are the painter marketing pros in our field. Let's talk about building a marketing strategy for your painting business.

Painter Marketing Crew

Video Testimonials

Brooks truly wants to see results for his clients, and approaches his strategies with this in mind! He’s courteous, professional, and responsive when working with my clients directly.
Britt Sawyer
CEO of Sawyer Media Group
Our online ads have been killing it and the regular email breakdowns Brooks sends make it extremely easy for me to know everything that’s going on!
Karson Coker
Meadows at Mossy Creek
I have enjoyed working with Brooks these past few months, as he has made our marketing journey into the digital media process both stress-free and seamless!
Blaine Griffith
R-ranch In The Mountains

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Talk to our team about your marketing your painting business.

How do you get more leads in your painting business?

The process of getting new clients online is an easy process to understand, but difficult to execute. Digital marketing for painters can be broken down into a few different areas to focus on. Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Website Design. All of these methods can work on their own, but as a Residential painting business owner, you need to use a combination of two or more of these painter marketing strategies to see the best results in your business.

Digital marketing for painters is simple. You take people from an online location, get them on your website or landing page. Once someone is on your website/landing page, you then tell them what to do. “Schedule a call”, “Get a free quote”, “Call Us at 770-xxx-xxxx”, etc. You are simply moving a prospect from one online location to your website. Marketing for painters can include all of these, but a good strategy to the marketing is where we come in. We at Painter & Remodeling SEO want to do this all for you.

All of the methods listed above are ways to get that process of marketing your painting business started. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes someone on google or bing who searches for, “Residential paint crew near me” or “Exterior painter near me”, and brings them to your website. Painter marketing through Pay Per Click takes someone on Facebook, google, Pinterest, etc., and shows them an ad that then brings them to your website.

These processes are easy to see and understand in marketing your painting business, but it is taking the time to learn, set up, and run all of this that makes it difficult. Let us at Painter & Remodeling SEO, LLC help you get all of this going so you can get back to serving your customers.

The next focus we will have is your social media presence. You need to be posting to your facebook page on a weekly basis. What do you post? Anything that will increase your prospects trust in you. To market your painting business, you need to be taking pictures/videos of all of your work. When you finish painting a house, post the picture. Prospects love seeing you do the work that they will higher you for. Social media posting is what separates painting companies that generate leads and those that don't. For a good overall strategy and great marketing ideas for painters, schedule a strategy session today.

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Do you know exactly where your painting business stands on google? Let’s find out!

In this audit, I will show you exactly where your business is coming up on google. I will also go over your website and check its optimization. You will lear a lot about your business in this audit.  You will learn which of your competitors are ranking higher in surrounding cities.  You will see what key words are being searched for and what words you need to target.  You will also see what is working on your site and what you need to improve upon.  See exactly what you need to do on your site to increase conversions. This Audit is valued at $200, but you will get this for free.  Sign up now.